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Your one-stop shop for all things eggs starts with Moba.

No matter the size of your operation, Moba offers a comprehensive range of equipment to streamline your workflow, from packing and grading to efficient farmpacking solutions. With over 77 years of experience, Moba is the trusted name in egg processing – and we’re proud to be their partner in New Zealand.

Looking for inspiration? While we gather local Kiwi success stories, head over to Moba to discover how Moba has helped egg producers worldwide. Explore case studies from the Welsh valleys to the Philippines, and see how Moba’s expertise, equipment and local knowledge have  helped tackled diverse challenges across the globe.

Dive into Egg Processing

Moba MOPACK EP Farmpacker: Discover how this innovative solution seamlessly connects layer houses and offline packing stations, as seen in this successful northeast England operation. The Customer Journey of Geldard Farm Eggs. Collecting eggs with the Mopack EP

Global Insights: Learn about the fascinating world of egg processing – differences in refrigeration and egg washing practices around the world (and why washing isn’t common everywhere!). Read detailed stories on showcasing unique operations, the challenges they faced, and how Moba equipment rose to the occasion.

Start Your Journey

Moba’s Start Advisor is a handy online tool to get you started. Simply input your estimated flock size and working hours per day that you are planning for your egg production. The Start Advisor will recommend suitable Moba equipment to meet your specific needs [link to Start Advisor on].

Every Egg Processing Operation is Unique

For specific examples and guidance tailored to New Zealand, feel free to contact us. We understand that each business has its own needs, and we’re here to answer your questions.

Ready to Get Started?

Considering entering the egg industry? Moba offers low-volume egg graders – the perfect starting point for smaller operations.

Looking to scale up? We can help you find equipment with increased capacity and features, including tray washing, stacking, and farmpacking solutions. Give us a call today and let’s discuss.

Feel free to get in touch, and we can discuss the solutions we offer and how they can assist. We have a range of documentation, including detailed technical specifications, that we are happy to share and discuss.

You can also check out Moba’s YouTube channel.