Zalkin are global leaders in the Design and Manufacture of high-performance bottle capping machines and cap handling systems

Zalkin Capping Machines is a leading manufacturer of high-quality bottle capping machines used in the packaging industry. With over 85 years of experience, Zalkin is known for its innovative designs, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service.

Dedicated to Capping

Zalkin Capping Machines offers a wide range of capping machines suitable for various industries such as beverage, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical. Their machines are designed to handle different types of caps, including screw caps, snap-on caps, push-pull caps, and more.

Zalkin’s capping machines are engineered for high efficiency and maximum productivity, providing customers with reliable, high-speed capping solutions. They use advanced technology such as servo-driven motors and automated changeovers to ensure precise and consistent capping, reducing downtime and increasing production rates.

High-Speed, High-Precision, High-Capability

With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Zalkin Capping Machines is the preferred choice for packaging companies worldwide. Their machines are built to last, delivering superior performance and efficiency, and their commitment to innovation and customer service makes them a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes.

Global Service

Zalkin Capping Machines also offers a range of services, including installation, maintenance, and repair, to ensure that their customers’ machines are always operating at peak performance. Their team of highly skilled technicians is available to provide support and technical assistance around the clock.

Through the assistance of Advanced Packaging Systems, New Zealand clients are supported on a local level with maintenance support, spare parts and rapid response to customer service needs.

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Advanced Packaging Systems are the exclusive agents for Zalkin, providing New Zealand with high-performance capping machines and solutions, such as:

  • Rotary Cappers

  • Single-Head Cappers

  • Cap Elevators

  • Cap Orientation

  • Capping Heads & Turrets

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Advanced Packaging Systems provide fast and simple distribution around New Zealand from our Auckland store.

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