Russell Finex are Global Leaders in the Design and Manufacture of Sieving and Filtration Systems

Established in 1934, Russell Finex has become an international group and worldwide leader in sieving and filtration equipment. Advanced Packaging Systems are the exclusive representatives for Russell Finex across New Zealand.

The Russell Finex range consists of vibratory sieves, separators, ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems and liquid self-cleaning filters, for use within the processing industries.

Russell Finex has grown to become a Global Leader having customers in over 140 countries, and representation around the globe, such as Advanced Packaging Systems for New Zealand.

Offering the widest range of sieving and filtration equipment in the industry, Russell Finex takes pride in having combined innovative thinking and engineering expertise. Having a dedicated team of knowledgeable sales engineers to provide custom built solutions to suit your special requirements.

State of the art research and testing facilities

Russell Finex have tested hundreds of different materials over the years, within their state of the art research and testing facilities. This offers you the ability to put any Russell Finex machine to the test on your product before purchase. All results from these tests are kept confidential.

Full after market support

After purchasing a Russell machine, you will receive full support from technical representatives such as Advanced Packaging Systems in New Zealand. Extending a commitment to providing fast, responsive and reliable support service to help keep your production lines running.

Sieving and filtration solutions to help you:

  • Maintain constant high product quality
  • Conform to hygiene standards
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs

Contact our experts at Advanced Packaging Systems today, and we’ll happily assist you with your application.

Advanced Packaging Systems are the exclusive agents for Russell Finex, providing the industry with Sieving and Filtration Equipment, such as:

  • Check Screeners

  • Grading Sieves

  • Liquid Solid Separation

  • Ultrasonic Deblinding

  • Self-Cleaning Filters

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Russell Finex

Check Screeners

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Liquid Solid Separators

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Grading Sieves

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Self-Cleaning Filters

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Ultrasonic Deblinding

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