Moba are World Leading Manufacturers of Egg Grading, Egg Packing, and Egg Processing equipment.

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Here, you’ll find specialist equipment for your egg processing needs, including Hand Graders and Packers, Egg Grading Machines, Farm Packers, Egg Pasteurisation Machines and the Ovolution Liquid Egg Processing System.

The Moba Story

Established for 75 years, Moba has grown into a global team of 800 employees, along with offices and agents around the world, such as Advanced Packaging Systems. 

Their MISSION – to support customers worldwide by developing, servicing, and optimizing best value egg grading and processing solutions. 

Having a VISION to enable food producers worldwide to feed a growing population by continuously developing safe, high-quality, affordable, egg-based foods. 

Striving to be a RELIABLE partner for egg producers in New Zealand, by working through Advanced Packaging Systems to deliver end-to-end solutions on egg processing equipment both today and in the future.

Advanced Packaging Systems are the exclusive agents for Moba, providing the industry with egg processing and packing equipment, such as:

  • Hand Graders/Hand Packers

  • Egg Grading Machines

  • Farm Packers

  • Egg Pasteurisation Machines

  • Ovolution Liquid Egg Processing Systems

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First-class customer service and friendly local assistance.

Advanced Packaging Systems provide fast and simple distribution around New Zealand from our Auckland store.

Advanced Packaging Systems - Delivery Nationwide in New Zealand
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Hand Graders/Hand Packers

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Egg Grading Machines

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Egg Farmpackers

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Egg Pasteurisation Machines and Ovolution Liquid Egg Systems

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