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Ashworth Omni-Grid 360 stainless steel spiral freezer belt displaying its revolutionary buttonless welds on a white background

World Class: Ashworth Spiral Freezer Conveyor Belts

Advanced Packaging Systems are proudly the exclusive agents for Ashworth in New Zealand, providing Spiral Freezer conveyor belts for industries such as:

– Food Processing
– Bakery & Confectionery
– Dairy
– Seafood
– Fruit & Vegetable
– Meat
– Frozen Food

Whether you’re freezing meat, seafood, baked goods, or other food products, Ashworth Spiral Freezer Conveyor Belting answers your freezing challenges. Trust in a company with a proven track record of delivering innovative conveyor solutions that optimize efficiency and streamline your processes.

Spiral Freezer Conveyor Belts

When it comes to freezing food products, precision and speed are paramount. That’s where Ashworth comes in with their state-of-the-art Spiral Freezer Conveyor Belts. Designed with cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise, Ashworth’s conveyor belting solutions are engineered to optimize your production line’s freezing capabilities. There are 75 years of experience built into these solutions.

Ashworth’s Spiral Freezer Conveyor Belting boasts a unique design that ensures consistent airflow and temperature distribution, resulting in your products’ uniform and rapid freezing, ensuring higher product quality, extended shelf life, and reduced energy costs.

Ashworth belting is built to withstand extreme temperatures, heavy loads, and rigorous cleaning processes, ensuring a longer lifespan and minimizing downtime. All contributing to higher productivity and reduced operational costs.

Ashworth Key Solutions

We’ve summarised the key solutions we have on offer at our partner page and are happy to chat about which one might best fit your needs.

Omni Grid 360
The Omni-Grid 360 Belt groundbreaking design features a patented 360-degree buttonless weld, ensuring a seamlessly smooth surface that reduces product sticking and damage while optimizing transfer efficiency.

The Omni-Grid 360 line of belts reduces cage bar wear, maintenance costs and downtime in your most demanding high-tension spiral/turn-curve applications while maintaining belt strength integrity and easy-to-clean, clean-in-place attributes.

Omni Pro

Omni-Pro is built to handle the most demanding industries with ease. It offers precise control over product orientation, minimal product loss, and streamlined hygiene, ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards.

Patented heavy duty protective links combined with oversized stainless-steel rods make Omni-Pro the strongest, most reliable spiral and turn curve conveyor belt available today. Omni-Pro is also exceptionally hygienic due to its open all-steel construction and unique 360° welds.

Omni Grid

The Omni-Grid Belt durability and low maintenance design minimize downtime, while its precision improves the quality of your packaging, satisfying customers and boosting your bottom line.

Super Small Radius Omni-Grid Belt

The Super Small Radius Omni-Grid Belt is not just a conveyor belt revolutionary design enables a tighter turning radius, ensuring meticulous product handling even in the most confined spaces. Bid farewell to packaging challenges that once seemed insurmountable!

APS Spiral Freezer Solutions

Our Spiral Freezers, powered by Ashworth’s innovation, ensure rapid and consistent freezing of your products. From consultation to installation, we offer a full-suite solution. We understand your unique needs and provide tailored expertise for seamless design and integration.

Get to Know Ashworth

Want an inside look at the world of conveyor innovation? Follow Ashworth on social media for the latest updates. They can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Resources and Videos

The Ashworth Resource Centre provides a wealth of information. From brochures, technical guides and product videos, it’s great starting point to get familiar with what’s on offer.

Local Expertise, Full Parts and Support
With Advanced Packaging Systems as your exclusive agent in New Zealand, you have a local partner dedicated to providing unmatched service, support, and expertise. We understand your unique needs and challenges and are committed to delivering tailored solutions.

For detailed specifications and downloads for each solution, contact us now, and we’ll be happy to chat about your requirements and our solutions. Contact Us.

Need more technical information? Feel free to get in contact.

Pictured Below: Ashworth 3D Model Spiral Freezer

Ashworth Spiral Freezer 3D Model Drawing