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Bottom Entry Mixers

Discover the unparalleled efficiency and precision of Silverson Bottom Entry Mixers, represented exclusively in New Zealand through Advanced Packaging Systems.

Silverson Bottom Entry Mixers redefine mixing solutions with their innovative design. These robust mixers are engineered to optimize performance in a wide range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to food processing and chemical manufacturing.

With their bottom entry configuration, these mixers offer exceptional versatility and efficiency. They effortlessly handle high-viscosity materials, ensuring thorough blending and dispersion, even in the most demanding processes.

Silverson Bottom Entry Mixers are not only powerful but also incredibly user-friendly. Their intuitive controls allow for precise adjustments, granting you complete control over your mixing processes. Plus, their easy-to-clean design streamlines maintenance, reducing downtime.

Experience the future of mixing technology with Silverson Bottom Entry Mixers, backed by the expertise of Advanced Packaging Systems. Elevate your productivity, achieve consistent results, and stay at the forefront of your industry with these exceptional mixers.

Silverson Bottom Entry Mixer Technical Information


5 - 7000 litres

Materials of Construction

Product contact parts 316L stainless steel. Special material on request.

Motor Specifications

TEFV and ATEX approved Flameproof motors are available as standard. Inverter rated, stainless steel and other motors are available as optional extras.


Stainless Steel circular flange fitted as standard.


Single or double mechanical shaft seals available as standard.

Operating Pressure

From full vacuum up to 150psi (10 bar). Higher pressure units are available on request.


BE243 - 0.75kW, 3000RPM

BE275 - 1.1kW, 3000RPM
BE387 - 2.2kW, 3000RPM

BE425 - 4kW, 3000RPM
BE450 - 7.5kW, 3000RPM
BE500 - 15kW, 3000RPM
BE600 - 22kW, 3000RPM

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Silverson Disintegrators/Dissolvers

Read about this product below, or contact us for more details.



Welcome to the cutting-edge world of Silverson Disintegrator/Dissolvers, exclusively represented in New Zealand by Advanced Packaging Systems.

Our partnership with Silverson brings you the latest in high-performance mixing and dispersion technology. Silverson Disintegrator/Dissolvers are engineered to revolutionize your production processes, ensuring superior results across various industries.

With Advanced Packaging Systems as your exclusive agent, you gain access to unparalleled expertise and support in selecting and implementing Silverson solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you’re in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, or any industry that demands precise mixing and dispersion, we have you covered.

Homogenous Blending

Silverson Disintegrator/Dissolvers boast state-of-the-art design and innovation, optimizing efficiency and reducing production time. Experience the benefits of homogeneous blending, emulsification, and particle size reduction, all achieved with exceptional reliability and ease of operation.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Mixing: Achieve uniform dispersion and dissolution, eliminating clumps and inconsistencies.
  2. Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to food processing.
  3. Robust Construction: Built to last, with easy maintenance and cleaning.
  4. Exclusive Availability: Available exclusively through Advanced Packaging Systems in New Zealand.

Advanced Packaging Systems is your trusted partner, committed to delivering top-tier customer service, comprehensive training, and ongoing technical support. Discover how Silverson Disintegrator/Dissolvers can elevate your production capabilities and help you stay at the forefront of your industry.

Contact us today to explore the limitless possibilities of Silverson Disintegrator/Dissolvers, backed by the expertise of Advanced Packaging Systems, your exclusive agent in New Zealand.

Silverson Disintegrators/Dissolvers Technical Information


1,000 - 100,000 litres


Silverson Disintegrator 2500 systems typically include:

Silverson Bottom Entry Disintegrator/Dissolver – provides rapid disintegration of solids and wetting of powders and is the prime mover of the fluid in the vessel.

Silverson In-Line High Shear Mixer – maximises the solution of the fine particles created by the Bottom Entry unit and allows for instant homogenisation of additive fluids.

Special Disintegrator 2500 vessel, associated piping, valves, fittings and controls – optimises mixing characteristics to suit application needs.

Typical Applications

Rapid solution of rubber and polymer blocks into lubricating oils, solvents and bitumen for the production of VM luboils, adhesives and polymer modified bitumen for road surfacing.

Recovery of waste candy.

Wet crumbing of waste rubber.

Rapid dispersion of large volumes of powder or materials which are difficult to wet out and have a tendency to “raft.”

Dispersion of filter cakes.


Disintegrator 2500
Duplex Disintegrator/Dissolver
Pilot Disintegrator Plant
Confectionery Reclaim

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