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Ashworth is a world leader in stainless steel spiral freezer conveyor belts. Revolutionise your freezing processes.

When it comes to freezing food products, precision and speed are paramount. That’s where Ashworth comes in with state-of-the-art spiral freezer conveyor belts.


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With a legacy spanning over seven decades, Dinnissen has continuously pushed the boundaries of powder processing.

Including powder handling, powder blending, and conveying technologies, and has become a trusted partner for industries worldwide.


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Hanningfield Process Systems provides a range of pharmaceutical equipment, including powder handling systems, powder milling equipment for particle size reduction, and powder conveying and containment systems.

Customizable pharmaceutical equipment supplied with full validation documentation (FDS, FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ) and 3.1 mill certificates.


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The Imaco Group brings you world leading turnkey filling lines, for precise and efficient filling across diverse industries.

Proven world wide, Imaco ensures accuracy, reliability, and seamless integration into production processes, backed by comprehensive technical support. Contact Us now for more information.


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Moba is the recognised leading manufacturer of egg grading, egg packing and egg processing machines.

Moba offers highly innovative and reliable end-to-end solutions for the egg industry that meet the highest standards of today’s market.

Nuovo Printing Systems

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Nuovo egg printing systems manufactures printing systems for the marking and coding of eggs.

Delivered by a patented cartridge based ink jet egg printing technology and a patented screen print egg stamping technology. Contact Us now for more information.

Russell Finex

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A global leader in sieving and filtration equipment. The Russell Finex range consists of vibratory sieves, separators, ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems and liquid self-cleaning filters.

Discover the sieving and filtration products and support you need to improve and streamline production.


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Silverson Machines are world leaders in the design and manufacturing of high shear mixers as well as specialising in Powder/Liquid Mixers, Sanitary Hygienic Mixers and Disintegrator/Dissolvers.

Silverson technology has many applications and spans food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and lube oil industries.

UET Cartoners

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Need a flexible and compact cartoning machine? The UET Cartoning range is characterized by low space requirements, high flexibility, a large format range, short changeover time, and the best price-performance ratio.

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VH Vertical Packaging

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The packaging machines by VH Vertical Packaging deliver high-performance solutions for vertical packaging needs in industries worldwide.

Their customizable Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) equipment ensures efficiency, accuracy, and reliability, supported by comprehensive technical assistance for seamless integration into production processes.

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Wire Belt

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The worldwide leader of stainless steel conveyor belt manufacturing. The Wire Belt Company offers many styles and specifications of conveyor belts to suit your specific application.

Wire Belt is also at the forefront of development and innovation in the conveyor sector.


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Zalkin designs and manufactures high-performance bottle-capping machines and cap-handling systems. Including, rotary capping turrets, cap handling equipment, single-head cappers and capping heads and turrets.

Machines are designed to handle different types of caps, including screw caps, snap-on caps, push-pull caps, and more.